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IV º COLLOQUIUM ON HAGIOGRAPHY The Other who listens: Holiness and Preaching to Minorities and Excluded in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modernity.

    Programa 3 de Noviembre 09:00 Hs Buenos Aires / 1er. Día 09:00 Hs. a 09:10 Hs. -  Palabras de Bienvenida   09:15 Hs Buenos Aires  Conferencia Inaugural – Hora Tercia  coord. Mariano Splendido CONICET - UNLP Emilia Jamroziak,  Institut e for Medieval Studies -School of History University of Leeds "Monastic and Mendicant history as fields of study in the 21 st  century and their future"   The history of religious orders, of monasticism and mendicancies, their cultures and places within the wider history of European pre-modernity are now at a very interesting point of development. Whilst we are witnessing the final demise of the grand narratives of medieval history that dominated much of the 20 th  century, the Global Middles Ages paradigm may well take their place, but its development as a central framework has only begun. In this lecture, I will focus on selected key aspects of monastic and mendicant histories and the place of hagiographical studies w