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  Noviembre 3 -4, 2022 / November 3-4, 2022 Call for Papers - New Deadline: 19 August 2022 It is the purpose of this IVth Colloquium on Hagiography, convened by the Augustinian Library in Buenos Aires, to be able to reflect on the research in the hagiographic field referring to Saints, Blesseds and venerable ones who have given their testimony of holiness in the midst of the Blessed of the Gospel (Cf. Mt V, 3-12). Discourses on poverty, minorities and the exclusion of these for various reasons related to religion, gender, ethnic origin, health and life decisions, are highly cultivated nowadays. Following a path of scientific production that began a couple of decades ago, studies related to the social field, cultures, practices of writing and reading, ways of preaching, the practice of power and the hagiographic models, continue to enjoy a vitality from different disciplines, which contribute to the debate and generate the challenge of also providing a living contribution and

CALL FOR PAPERS - NEW DEADLINE: 19 AGOSTO 2022 IVº Coloquio de Hagiografia 3 y 4 Nov 2022 VIRTUAL

IV º C OLOQUIO DE H AGIOGRAFÍA   IV º C OLLOQUIUM ON H AGIOGRAPHY El Otro que escucha: Santidad y Predicación a las Minorías y Excluidos en el Medioevo Tardío y la Temprana Modernidad. The Other who listens: Holiness and Preaching to Minorities and Excluded in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modernity. Noviembre 3 -4, 2022 / November 3-4, 2022 Call for Papers - New Deadline: 19 Agosto 2022   Es propósito de este IV º Coloquio de Hagiografía, convocado por la Biblioteca de los Agustinos en Buenos Aires , poder reflexionar sobre las investigaciones en el campo hagiográfico referidas a Santos, Beatos y venerables que hayan dado su testimonio de santidad en medio de los Bienaventurados del Evangelio (Cf. Mt V, 3-12). Los discursos sobre la pobreza, las minorías y la exclusión de estas por diversos motivos relacionados con la religión, el género, el origen étnico, la salud y las decisiones de vida, son muy cultivados en

Call for papers Augustine and the Making of Christian Practice (400-1000) Durham, 23-24 March 2023

  Call for papers Augustine and the Making of Christian Practice (400-1000) Durham, 23-24 March 2023   This conference aims to contribute to the study of the rise of Christianity in North Africa, the Mediterranean and Western Europe in the first millenium, a wide-ranging and complex historical phenomenon. It will explore the role played by Augustine of Hippo (354-430), a north african bishop and major textual authority in the shaping of religious praxis in the West. It is generally agreed that Augustine was widely read and had a major influence in the diffusion of normative ideas and practices that impregnated Christianity for centuries up to this day, such as the doctrine of original sin and the necessity of infant baptism or the unicity of marriage. Because of the sheer size of Augustine’s literary production, however, the concrete means through which his ideas were diffused largely remain unexplored and require a long-term collective effort. In recent years, Augustine’s reception ha

24. Juni 2022 - Digitaler Augustinus-Studientag "Christentum und Politik" (ZOOM) - 10.00 - 16.15 Uhr

24. Juni 2022 - Digitaler Augustinus-Studientag "Christentum und Politik" (ZOOM) - 10.00 - 16.15 Uhr  im Horizont von Augustinus und ‹Augustinismus› Digitaler Studientag des Zentrums für Augustinus-Forschung (ZAF) in Kooperation mit Lehrstühlen der Julius-Maximilians-Universität und mit der Domschule Würzburg ZOOM-Meeting  (Online-Anmeldeformular:  www.augustinus.de/studientage ) PROGRAMM 10.00–10.15 h   CHRISTIAN TORNAU (ZAF) Eröffnung, Begrüßung und Einführung 10.15–11.15 h   KAI PREUSS (Erlangen-Nürnberg) Zwischen Weltreich und Provinz. Zum Ort des Politischen bei Augustinus 11.30–12.30 h   DANIELA MÜLLER (Nijmegen) Das tragische Erbe des Augustinus im Mittelalter. Der Ketzer als Zerstörer der christlichen Gesellschaft ― PAUSE ― 14.00–15.00 h   JÜRGEN MIETHKE (Heidelberg) Das Erbe Augustins im letzten Kampf zwischen Kaiser und Papst. Politischer Augustinismus im 14. Jahrhundert und seine Kritik durch Marsilius von Padua und Wilhelm von Ockham 15.15–16.15 h   MARIUS MENKE (

#Agenda2022 Sixth International Conference on the Ancient Novel ‘Roads less travelled’

Dear colleagues, We are delighted to announce that the programme of the Sixth International Conference on the Ancient Novel, with the theme ‘Roads less travelled’, has now been finalized. You can view the programme at  https://www.novelsaints.ugent. be/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/ ICAN-VI-programme-1.pdf . An alphabetical list of abstracts may also be consulted ( https://www.novelsaints. ugent.be/wp-content/uploads/ 2022/05/ICAN-VI-abstracts- alphabetical.pdf ). Registration is open ( until 1st September 2022 (5pm CET) for in-person participation and until 14th September 2022 (5pm CET) for online participation) , and you are welcome to join us either in person or online (you can register via  https://www.novelsaints.ugent. be/ican-vi/ ). The conference will take place from 21 st  till 24 th  September in one of the most beautiful historic conference venues in Ghent and indeed beyond: Thagaste, an (operative) Augustinian monastery in the heart of the medieval city centre, hosting not onl